Public Libraries Section – Satellite – Bergen Norway Managing Change: Library Transitions

16. august 2017-17. august 2017 heldags
Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek
Strømgaten 6
5015 Bergen

Join us in Bergen, Noway next August for our satellite meeting ‘Managing Change: Library Transitions’ and hear from practitioners around the world about best practice examples – moving into the future.

Best practices from around the world!

The Public Libraries Section will partner with our friends from IFLA’s Management and Marketing Session in August 2018 to present an exciting Satellite program Managing Change: Library Transitions. Collegues from around the world will be invited to share best practice examples of how we can move successfully into the future.

The Satellite will be held in the beautiful city of Bergen  with the conference to be held at Bergen City Library. We look forward to seeing you then.